Steidle GmbH has pioneered and paved the way for spraying technologies for minimum quantities

More than 30 years experience in spraying technologies for minimum quantities.

Founded in 1979, Steidle GmbH began producing lubricooli ng systems in the early 80 ‘ s. Spurred on by this success, Steidle GmbH then turned focused on the application of minimal quantities of liquids.

As a result of our research, development and production, we were able to greatly extend our product range. And so today, Steidle offers a unique range of over half a dozen spraying systems. Main applications are the lubrication of metal-working tools and the applying of any liquid in technical processes.

Since over 15 years Steidle units are used for the precoating of PET preforms.

The range of products on offer, expert advice, extensive experience and continuous, customer-oriented innovations – all these factors give Steidle customers a distinct advantage. As an expert systems supplier, you can rely on Steidle for all your spraying needs.