The PIC technology is based on the assumption that the cause for the fan-like formation (see figure 1-3) can be found in the surface quality of the PET bottles which is extremely blunt when leaving the stretch blow-moulding machine. This will lead to a friction at the contact area between the bottles.

Due to this fact, the PET bottles cannot rotate freely around its longitudinal axis on the following transport conveyor, causing a forced rotation (see figure 4). Blockades in transport, especially in curves, ascents and at the end of downgrades result supported by an unfavourable bottle design (see figure 5).


The following solution approach is based on the PIC: If the surface is coated with an extremely thin sliding film, the PET bottles can rotate against each other freely. The blockades are minimised and the transport of the PET bottles proceeds more smoothly.


Up to present, the preforms have already been optionally coated with a sliding film during manufacture. Steidle spraying systems have been used successfully for years for this coating process.   


Instead of using preforms with precoating, the operator of the filling device can apply this coating on his own. The Steidle spray system is mounted at the entrance of the blow moulding machine (see figure 2) and integrated in the machine control. As a result, the coating can be applied automatically on the preform according to the form of the bottle, if required. The spraying quantity can be dispensed in an extremely low quantity (some ml per hour), so that no moisture remains on the bottles, which could eventually impair labelling.

In addition, further positives effects can be expected on shrinking / stretching sleeves application and the separating aeras.

Find out more about the PIC spray system

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The PIC-fluid is applyed by the Lubrimat PIC-L60, a spray system specially developed for this application. Exact metering piston pumps push the PIC-fluid to the nozzle tip, where it is sprayed on the preforms. The standard version for preforms up to approx. 150mm height has 4 nozzles. For bigger preforms or very complex bottle designs a 6 nozzle version is available on demand.

The 3-litre-reservoir build of stainless steel / plexiglass has been adapted to the users needs. Due to the quick coupling connection the reservoir can be removed completely within seconds from the housing. The wide opening and the plain inside design makes the cleaning of the reservoir easy.

The PIC-Pump is available as an accessory. Using the same quick coupling connection makes the set up comfortable. From its 0.3-litre-reservoir you can pump a cleaning agent through the complete system.