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What advantages do I have with PIC?

If the transport of PET bottles is blocked, production breakdowns have to be expected constantly reducing your productivity and discouraging your employees.

If you use preforms with precoating, the problem is reduced sometimes, however you must take into account higher costs for provisioning and stock-keeping the preforms.

You reduce downtimes to a minimum with PIC. You can buy preforms more cost-effectively and coat it yourself more economically to increase your productivity. E.g. a customer was able to increase the output of his filling system to 190%.

Advice: Calculate your savings and the amortisation of the investment with the PIC computer (download as excel table)

What do I save with PIC?

With PIC you will save either the additional charges for the precoating and stock-keeping or the costs of loss in production in case of stoppages through congestions and blockades.

Advice: Calculate your savings and the amortisation of the investment with the PIC computer (download as excel table)

Do consequential costs accrue for the PIC?

The operating costs consist of the compressed air and medium consumption as well as of cleaning periods.

Are a lot of rebuilds necessary at the machine?

The PIC system and its nozzles can be installed easily. In addition, the activation has to be interlinked with the machine device control. The assembly of a protective plate and/or a guide plate at the inlet may be advantageous depending on the system.

Is the medium applied suitable for PIC and does it comply with FDA regulatories?

Yes, the media complies with US FDA section 21CFR175.300, but it sould not be sprayed into the bottle.

Is the medium also sprayed into the bottle?

No. The nozzles spray from the neck downwards.

Do the labels adhere to the surface nevertheless?

Up to present, we do not know of any complications with the labels.

When was PIC developed?

In the present way, PIC exists since 2006 and was developed from the precoating used by the preform manufacturers, which has been practiced already more than 15 years with the Steidle Systems.

Which foodstuffs are already bottled with PIC?

Up to present, our customers bottle water, beer, soft drinks, juices and juice-mixed drinks. Projects for dairy products are in the development phase.

Can I use PIC for systems with aseptic technology?

Yes, we have already converted several aseptic systems. The sliding film applied does not have any negative characteristics on the wetting agent and the aseptic aspects.

Can I also use multi-layer preform?

So far, we have not heard about any complications with the multi-layers.

Is it possible to use O2-Scavenger systems with PIC?

Up to present, we have not had any customer, who uses this system combined with PIC, but there should not be any complications to be expected.

Is it also possible to use hot-fill systems with PIC?

Up to present, we have not had any customer who uses hot-fill systems with PIC. If you are interested, we appreciate to test this combination together with you.

<em>Note: The answers should give you initial information on the PIC and are not any guaranteed characteristics. In addition, the answer can also turn out differently in case of concrete individual cases. </em>